Antim Pag: The First Step in the Service of People

Friday, November 2, 2012

Dikshant Parade (Passing out Parade) was one of the most spectacular event of my life. I waited years for this day and I am sure, I am going to cherish this as long as there is a single breath in my heart.

I woke up with a very strange feeling today. I was engulfed by a flood of nostalgia spanning 46 weeks in the National Police Academy (NPA). A feeling of excitement mixed with apprehension was very strange. Excitement because I was going to cross the Antim Pag (The Final Step) and apprehension because of the days ahead. I felt as if all 320 days at NPA have culminated into one single moment. A  feeling which is hard to explain no matter how hard I tried.

When we all entered the parade ground, I could see the excitement of parents and families of officer trainees to witness the unforgettable moment of their son/daughter taking the final step to serve this country. When tricolour was passing through the parade, there was a rush of blood in the hearts of officer trainees. The music of the band just added to the emotional feeling. The entire atmosphere was so full of life that even the nature took notice of it and showered rain on us! It is very rare to see passing out parades in the rain. The showers from the heaven did not stop but we did not move an inch from our places. “We were perfectly okay where we were”. In fact, it symbolized our duty and sense of responsibility as we were going to take the first step in the service of people.

The “peeling off” of the Dikshant Parade under the heavy showers from heaven was something unique this year. (Peeling off means leaving the parade formation and moving towards the Antim Pag). As we stepped on the Antim Pag, the 320 days rollercoaster ride at NPA came to an end. The academy life was full of adventure, thrill, excitement, hardship, challenge and loads of fun. It was as if 46 weeks have gone away in a blink of an eye.

Throughout my days at NPA, I never realized the value of life at NPA. Someone very wisely said once that you come to know the value of something when you lose it. The dawn of November 2nd must have brought the curtains down. But the show will go on, just that the theatre will shift to different corners of India. However the days at NPA will remain very close to my heart. “The bonds I forged with my friends here cannot be broken by absence, distance or time”. The memories etched in our hearts and minds can never be erased by anything under the sun. “A lifetime of togetherness begins today. The Academy Colors must have left the parade ground today, but the colours of the academy shall stay with us forever”.

Entering the parade ground
Inspection of parade by home
Minister of India
March Past
Antim Pag
Speaking to him was an 
exciting experience!
With Shri Vijaya Kumar Sir

PS: Quoted text are from Aravindan P and Mohd. Imran.

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