The NPA Diary: Trust your legs and run easy!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

After running 5KMs in 27 minutes and cycling 20KMs in little over an hour, what I feel is, “nothing good in life comes easy”. When the finishing line is way too far, two  voices in my mind say two different things. One says, “I want to go on” and the other says, “I want to give up!” But, when I think about the joy of crossing finishing line, I just trust my legs and go on. I feel It’s not about crossing the finishing line in time, but about going through those conflicting feelings within, overcoming them and finishing the race, no matter how much time we take to finish. “The important thing is not how you start a race, but how you finish it”.

It’s not that I am so damn excited to run long distances. The morning physical training (PT) in LBSNAA Mussoorie and now in NPA has forced me to run those long distances. Every week, on saturday, long distance running is compulsory. It all started with 5km run and so far we are able to run upto 11kms. And it might go upto 16-20KMs!

Many trainers here at NPA say that there is no better exercise than running. You run for 20-30 minutes a day and no disease can run after your life! I wonder how, but Christopher McDougall seems to be having an answer. Take a look.

Hopefully, the long distance running has more in it for me to discover and keep me going.

Run easy!

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