The NPA Diary: Time flies by but memories stay

Sunday, March 18, 2012

All my life, I hardly slept before the midnight and never woke up before the first light. At home, my father tried his best to wake me up before 6AM, but he had to give up! But in the last three months, I never slept after the midnight and never woke up after the first day light! Life has taken a whole different trajectory after coming to NPA, Hyderabad. The mind and body have finally started showing some signs of getting used to the discipline and routine.

Though there is reluctance to wake up in the early morning, I do overcome the fight within to get ready and go to the ground. There were instances where my alarm didn’t go off and woke up only when I heard the noise of people marching towards the ground and I took hardly 3-4 minutes to get ready and reach the ground with galloping speed! All this to avoid heavy consequences that I may have to pay for if I don’t reach on time! Some times, my mind fully wakes up only when i hear the command "parade Saavdhaan!". The morning exercises, at times the Yoga, Gym, Unarmed Combat, etc, makes me sweat like crazy. But, there is a feel good factor. The body feels lighter, better and alert. At times, I feel the day is so long and there is so much time to do so many things if we get up early in the morning. But the morning fight to get up? Continues!

Drill in the uniformed service is something which many people question and fail to understand the need. There is a drill for everything - to march, to salute, to report, to hold a weapon, and even to dust off your hands! At times, even I ask if I really have to do all this?  The answer I got was, "this is required to make you a cop!" I am yet to convince myself about this! I remember those funny mistakes I and my friends used to do while marching, saluting, handling weapons, etc. I am going to cherish those memories! Nevertheless, I must tell you, it's quite an experience. It teaches one to obey commands, to learn discipline, etc which are absolutely important in policing.

Honestly, I enjoy outdoor activities - especially the games/sports - more than indoor classes. I feel those law classes a bit monotonous and painful to pay attention to and I repeatedly hear instructors saying, "If you don't pay attention now, you might have to pay for it later!". However, few indoor sessions including seminars, talks/lectures are interesting and enriching. There is so much to learn from the life of those people who really made some difference in our country.

Even after the regular scheduled activities, academy doesn't leave us alone so easily. Most of the time, there will be compulsory activities which keeps us busy till we go to bed. Activities of clubs and societies, pre-dinner talks, cultural programmes, interaction with eminent personality etc have become routine and common.

Despite the reluctance to wake up and few minutes of fight to get ready and go to the ground, despite those monotonous law classes, despite the seminars and lectures, at the end of the day, i feel the day was worth the sweat.

So far it has been a great experience in NPA.
The first day in IPS uniform, fulfilling my mother's dream of seeing me in uniform, the republic day parade (in front of my parents), meeting some celebrated officers, and yes, the friends i have made here and the great time I had so far with them will remain fresh in my mind for a long time to come!

This post was an attempt to capture my memories in NPA and hopefully, I overcome my laziness in the coming days to record them here. :)


Abhishek Modi said...

so finally u started it ... nice post ... :)

Rising Character said...

All the best.

Rohit Khetarpal said...

keep updating ! all the best !

Sujit Nair said...

Hey Manjunath! Keep updating.. Nice to read your experience.
Good luck with future endeavors.

Dinesh H Naik said...

All the best!!! and keep updating..

Archan_Ekta said...

Hey Manju, very nice to read... Keep updating. All the best, as usual just rock!!

Keshava Murthy said...

Super sir, hope i will also fallow ur footsteps

Prajeesh Jayaram L said...

Proud to have known you!
Thanks to ISTE :)

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