Lal Tibba: Blood, sweat and a summit to scale

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Clouds were clear, sun was bright, route was green, and the summit was high enough to test our endurance. Leeches sucked our blood, heat of the sun made us sweat more than required, the steep uphill and the concrete road on the way back managed to spoil the knees. Many travel guides on the web advised not to visit Lal Tibba during rainy days or even during any of the mansoon days. But, we had to go, we had to reach the summit to mark our attendance!

The only sigh of relief for many of us was, we could take a taxi on the way back (and of course, only after marking the attendance!). Many officer trainees skipped the lunch at Lal Tibba and rushed to Mussoorie for sumptuous meal. I was already exhausted not to try any new plan which takes more time before i eat! The same daal, chanaa, rice, puris, pickles which i had in last two treks really disappointed me. Just hope they change the menu in the next trek. But, you know, when you are hungry, taste really doesn’t matter, just eat and eat to get back to life!

Lunch and yeah, the “Neembu paani” provided some sigh of relief and helped me realize that though trek was tiresome but it was like a pleasure in the pain! The summit of Lal Tibba Hill is no less than 7500ft high. The majestic mountains around Lal Tibba just watched us struggling to climb them, throwing away their smile when we were awestruck by their beauty. Mountains still humble me, as they always did.

Many of my batchmates took taxi to get back to academy, but I didn’t want to give up, I decided to walk back as long as I can. The return route took me through the narrow streets of Mussoorie and the the famous ‘Mall Road’, a place for (plenty of) shopping in Mussoorie. As we walked on mall road, the clouds engulfed the surrounding mountains and hit us with the cold wind. There was a time when I used to look up to the sky to see the clouds, but now in Mussoorie, I have to look down from the clouds to see the road ahead. It’s like living in the clouds! Lal Tibba trek was pretty hard, but just get a feeling that I had an eventful and memorable day.

Some information about Lal Tibba:
  • The highest point in Mussoorie, over 7500ft high.
  • Located in Landhour area -- the oldest inhabited place in Mussoorie.
  • The buildings, the architecture everything tells a saga of an English past. After India gained it's independence, many Britishers settled here.
  • In 1967, the Municipal Corporation of Mussoorie ordered a Japanese Telescope which is placed on Lal Tibba. Through this telescope one can have a lovely view of many peaks in the Himalayan range like Badrinath, Kedarnath, Banderpunch, etc. [External Link]
Here are some pictures clicked:

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