Yes, this blog is still breathing, safely!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It’s more than a year since I blogged regularly. A friend of mine had asked me if my blog is dead, just as many other blogs do soon after the initial enthusiasm of the author/blogger dives deep down! I never had a great number of followers to my blog and I never expected any of those subscribed readers to follow my blog. I used to blog so that i could improve my writing skills in Kannada and English and ultimately to do well in (UPSC) mains. I never expected that blogging as a hobby could help me a lot for UPSC interview.

After I got through civil service, i had this apprehension of writing something which might land me into some sort of trouble. So, never really bothered to write my views on some “issues” as i used to do earlier. But not “thinking” of something because of not writing for a long time might lead to some sort of bankruptcy of ideas. What I understood is, a hobby should never be let die down and I thought I should rediscover my hobby - blogging.

I just hope that my days in Mussourie and later on in NPA will have plenty of interesting things to share which might interest the readers. One might remotely feel who cares about what I write here, but I do! I am sure some day it will be of some help to some one, at least me!

So, before any one asks if my blog is still breathing, my answer is, “Yes, this blog is still breathing. Very safely, in fact, it is going to get a new life very soon.” :)

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