What if mother earth is 46 years old?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"The dinosaurs passed away eight months ago and the early mammal replaced them. In the middle of last week, in Africa, some manlike apes developed into ape like man and at the weekend mother earth began shivering with the latest series of extremely cold ice-ages. Just over four hours have elapsed since a new species Homosapiens came into existence and in the last hour it invented agriculture and settled down.  Just about 30 minutes back the Pre-Harappan and Early Harappan cultures started developing. Just about 14 minutes back Buddha delivered his first sermon at Saranath , and the Mauryan empire flourished about 12 minutes back. Harsha gave all, whatever he had, the religious assembly at Prayag about 7 minutes back, and Akbar made a pilgrimage to Sufi Saint Salim Chisti just about two minutes back. India became a proud independent nation hardly two seconds back!!"

I came across this interesting observation while browsing randomly. (Read on scribe, page 58). What really made me wonder was, India became proud independent nation hardly two seconds back!! When our great-great-....-great grandchildren write our history, India's partition and Jaswant Singh's controversial book will not even receive their attention!

Imagining that mother earth is 46 years old is one of the best way to understand the relation between earth and all that exists on it. When we write her life history, we find that we know nothing about the first seven years of her life, but the deeds of her later childhood are to be seen in the old rocks. Most of what we recognise on earth, including all substantial life is the product of the last six years of its life (i.e , 600 m.y.). She flowered, in her middle age. Her continents were quite bare of life till she was almost 42 and flowering plants did not appear until she was 45 - just a year ago. At that time the great reptiles , including the dinosaurs, came into existence and the break-up of the last super-continent was in progress.

If we look at our history in another way, say a picture was taken every 5000 years, we would have 1,00,000 (one lakh) negatives. If we make a film (movie) using those one lakh pictures, then the movie would last just an hour! In the last 3 seconds human beings appear and the civilized man appears just in the last tenth of a second!

All the evils in our society - wars, class conflicts, terrorism, communalism and all sorts of violence - would find no place for our attention in 46 year history of mother earth! What if all those who are responsible for all sorts of violence take a look at this simple fact and realize that life of human race is transient in the long history of mother earth? What if they realize the transient nature of human race and stop all sorts of violence? Why can't we all live in harmony as long as we are here?


Nitin said...

how profound.

Anrosh said...

because harmony is NOT what they want. they want adrenalin RUSH

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