'Bhay ho' ki Jai ho?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

"In an apparent attempt to pull the plug on Congress's 'Jai Ho' campaign, BJP has released a parody of the 'Slumdog Millionaire' song called 'Bhay Ho' which describes how the nation has been facing 'bhay' (fear), 'bhookh' (hunger) and 'aatank' (terrorism) over the past five years [TOI]." BJP claims that, "Bhay ho" is not an official video but was sent by party sympathizer. "Even as the saffron party opposed the idea of the Slumdog Millionaire child artists campaigning for Congress, calling it a "mockery of poverty", the short film, Bhay ho, features two street children Nagarjun and Durga singing the song [IE]." Take a look.

BJP's Bhay ho! ad, composed by the local band.

Congress's Jai ho! ad, composed by the oscar winning band!

There was a widely circulated SMS after Slumdog millionaire's huge success. It read, "the credit for Slumdog Millionaire getting Oscar awards should go to India's ruling Congress party because without years of Congress rule there would not have been slums in India." Congress quickly bought the rights of Jai ho for it's election campaigning. By then, L.K. Advani's tech wizards had already flooded internet with BJP's campaign ads. This year's general election has brought technology and innovation into politics. More over, there is no dearth of money for month long festival of democracy. "Various political parties are expected to spend about Rs 1,650 crores from their party funds, which would include about Rs 1,000 crores from the two main parties -- Congress and BJP alone. In addition to spending by parties, candidates of the national parties are estimated to put in Rs 4,350 crores, while those from the regional parties are expected to spend another Rs 1,000 crores [Outlook]." More over, simultaneous assembly elections in couple of states will pump in more money into the system. Unofficial/unaccounted money is expected to reach unprecedented heights. While the estimated spending of election commission will be around Rs. 1,300 crores, Rs 700 crores will be spent by various central and state government agencies for purposes like photo identity cards, EVMs and polling booth.

No matter who wins the election, this election stimulus package will pump in more money into the system. With inflation rate kissing the zero mark, Aam Admi will have more money in his hand, thanks to generous political parties. Elections ki Jai Ho!

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Anonymous said...

I am all for Bhay Ho!

One of my friends, Soumya, alerted me to your blog. Excellent one. I agree with your views. I am also a Kannadiga from bengaluru.

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