Wishing you all a recession friendly V-Day free from 'Sickulars'!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

This year's V-Day will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. While the people in recession hit countries are seriously contemplating about recession friendly valentine's day celebrations, Indians are apprehensive about saffron brigade (like Shri Ram Sena). Couple of weeks ago we never heard about Mr.Pramod Muthalik, but now, he is a self proclaimed iconic moral watchdog. The idea of sending 1000 pink chaddis to this 'saffron buddy' might have raised eyebrows, but another self proclaimed champion of women rights, Suchitra Krishnamoorthy, vociferously rejects the idea. (Embarrassed and confused?) Muthalik has reportedly decided to send 1000 pink saris "with love" in response to 1000 Chaddis. The Pink Chaddi campaigners claim that they are more democratic and transparent than the 'Chaddi walas' who were nothing but a bunch of "self-righteous sickulars (seculars)" [DNA]. Time and again, saffron brigade has claimed and reclaimed themselves as moral policemen. The hysteria created due to controversies (and recession in western countries) is making this year's V-Day more special and memorable than ever!

In India, the debate on whether to celebrate V-Day resurfaces every year this time around. Different people have different views, Muthalik has one view and Pink Chaddi campaigners have another. People with different mindsets may not agree on women going to pub and enjoying on par with men, but we all can surely agree on finding better ways to protect our cultural heritage by not beating up women in public just because they went to pub. One person's ethics and values cannot be imposed on other person, unless it is acceptable by both. If people like Muthalik try to enforce their ethics and values on others, it's simply not democratic. It's against our fundamental right to freedom. More they enforce, more they loose. The only way to influence and fine tune the contemporary culture is by setting high moral standards for themselves, inspire others to follow and let everyone discover their inner strengths of love, compassion and intelligence.

To ensure the law and order on Valentine's day, union home minister P Chidambaram and NCW chairperson Girija Vyas have asked Karnataka government to take "preventive and punitive" action. Now that, Mr.Pramod Muthalik and his goons are arrested under preventive detention laws, you can go out and buy a (recession friendly?) gift to your valentine.

Wishing you all a wonderful V-Day free from 'Sickulars'!

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Unknown said...

Good one Manju!!. Had enough of these extremists!! In my view both Pick Chaddi and Pink Sari people are extremists and are non healthy to our society. But we had enough of this discussion now and our focus should not be limited to this alone. We have forgotten 26/11, Coming General Election, Budgets etc.. So let this end on Feb 14 itself!!

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