Voter Facilitation Centers: One more chance to get your Voter ID card before 2009 General Election

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

There is some good news for those who have not yet registered their name in electoral roll. The Election Commission of India has set up "Voter Facilitation Center" for expediting the process of voter registration and other services (Ex: updating your registration information) related to electoral roll. Voter Facilitation Center (VFC) is a single window facility for voter registration and Electoral Photo Identity Cards (EPIC). Election Commissions in various states have setup websites (Ex: Karnataka EC site here) which provides adequate and relevant information about the office of the Chief Electoral Officer and the various activities conducted by the department. Various important forms are also available on the site for download purposes.

Voter Facilitation Centers (VFC) will function from 11th Feb 2009 in various Urban based Assembly Constituencies (in Karnataka, for other states refer to your respective election commission website). VFCs are citizen friendly centers to facilitate citizens on electoral roll issues and Electoral Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) card. Following are the functions of VFCs.
  1. Voter Facilitation Centers (VFC) will assist the citizen to know whether his/her name is included in the electoral roll.
  2. If the name is not included, he/she will be assisted to get his/her name included in the electoral roll.
  3. VFCs will assist the citizen to carry out modifications inthe electoral roll, if required.
  4. VFCs educate the voter on his/her respective part/poling station.
  5. VFCs will generate and distribute EPIC.
  6. VFCs will ensure that within 10 days, the elector's request in Form 6,7,8 or 8A is acted upon and the result known to the citizens.
So, you can get your voter ID card within 10 days.

What's the first step?
Call up or visit the nearest Voter Facilitation Center. The details of address, contact information (including mobile numbers) of Voter Facilitation Centers are here (Voters' Facilitation Centres in Karnataka). Get appropriate forms (i.e. for registering/updating info etc..). You can download the forms from election commission's website (Click here or here to download forms), print and fill it up with all the necessary details.

What all documents you need? 
You just need two documents. Address proof and Age proof. Those who are staying in rented house, your rental agreement will be crucial. It's the most important legitimate document to prove your residential address. If you are a student, get a Student Declaration Form signed by your college dean/principal/registrar and submit it along with your voter registration form. Besides, you will also need to submit an age proof document.
Submit your duly filled application form along with address proof and/or age proof. Allow (maximum) 10 days for Voter Facilitation Centers to work on your request and follow up accordingly. VFCs will ensure that your request (for new Voter ID/update one) will be served within 10 days. Registering your name in electoral roll cannot get simpler than this (at least as of now!).

Why should I get my Voter ID Card?
Well, some of you might say, "what the heck, i know that!", but there are many who are still ignorant, if you are one of them, read further. Two answers.
  1. To Vote: You must have the Voter ID (EPIC) card to exercise your democratic right to vote.
  2. Legitimate proof of your citizenship, address, age, etc... You can use Voter ID card as a proof of your identity in all the government offices and all most all non-govt offices/organizations.
More over, I would say, to stop blaming politicians. Quite often we end up electing criminals to make laws for us. Most of us vociferously blame politicians for all the wrongs. All of us who are crowing about bad politicians ever voted? Did we exercise our franchise? "Isn't casting a vote the duty of the common man? If you have not liked a politician or political party, did you cast your vote against them? If you have found that no political party is worth your vote, did you take care to ensure that your vote is not cast to anybody by going to the polling booth and not voting for anybody?[More]". Get your Voter ID, make your vote count in 2009 general elections!

Some more details:
  1. Voters' Facilitation Centres (VFCs) in Urban Constituencies in Karnataka. Find the address, phone numbers of nearest VFCs or voter registration centers (In karnataka).
  2. The Chief Electoral Officer of Karnataka. You can find all the details regarding your registration, electoral rolls, updating your info etc.
  3. Click here or here to download forms.
  4. FAQs at
  5. A guide for the Voters.

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Brilliant Information. I appreciate it dude!

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You rock, mate! Just the info I was looking for. You took care of every little detail. Thanks a lot.

Manjunath Singe said...

Glad it helped you.. :)
Please spread the message, let ppl make use of one last chance to register themselves...

PhOne!X said...

I am not able to access VFC list, Can you please help me to get contact details of VF center near to Mathikere, Bangalore
Thanks Arun

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