'Dil Se' kaho, Rahman and Slumdog ki Jai ho!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Rahman has composed music for more than 130 films "but he remained relatively unknown in the United States until the unexpected success of Slumdog Millionaire." Rahman has finally bridged the gap between Indian and western audiences. The finest modern musician has won two Oscars for Best Original Score and Best Song categories. 'Dil Se' kaho, Rahman and Slumdog ki Jai ho!

"Like any good artist, A.R.Rahman is not a traditionalist, he's a revolutionary. He uses all the revolutionary things that come from all over the world in his stuff ... hip-hop beats, electronics .... and there's an incredible inquisitiveness and playfulness in his music.[Hans Zimmer]." "Jai Ho, or Victory to You" is a testimony to this. He has mixed Hindi lyrics and Indian pop melodies with influences from Arabic, Japanese and Spanish music.

"Sheer diversity of his styles: from Swinging brass bands to triumphant anthems; from joyous pop to West-End musicals", Rahman's music from Roja to Slumdog Millionaire has given lightening effect in the hearts of millions. He once said, "I can relate to the film because I take life positively and feel that even after great depression, something good will come out." A profound sense of humility and spirit incarnated in his music has lifted millions from the oblivion of sorrow to the summit of hope, love and possibilities. Themes he created for hundreds of movies have moved the emotions of millions. Not only his music, his journey filled with sheer determination and hard work will continue to inspire generations to come.

"Slumdog Millionaire is the work of an artist at the peak of his powers. India is Boyle’s palette, and Mumbai – that teeming “maximum city,” with 19 million strivers on the make, jostling, scheming, struggling, and killing for success – is his brush. The portrait that emerges has been executed with bold strokes, vivid colors, and striking images [Shashi Tharoor]."

Many "have protested that the film shows Indians as conniving, unprincipled, and ruthless, and that the only compassionate people in the film are a pair of white tourists who give the protagonist some money....If some of the larger-than-expected profits are directed toward the slums where the movie was made, the protestors are quite likely to fade away. What they want, after all, is a share of the glory [Project Syndicate]."

Even if Slumdog Millionaire had not swept the Oscars, it would have stayed in the mind's eye a long time.


Amit S said...

ARR ki 'Jai Ho' :)
But I never expected SDM to win 8oscars. Many better movies were left out.

Unknown said...

Of Course A.R. Rehman got what he deserved. Is it because of British brand? I came across this blog

Anrosh said...

jai ho A.R Rehman, Gluzar and Peekutty.

billions of indians had given it to the two of them for decades now. today the 3 shared the american platform.

chak de !

Nitin said...

Three Indians won the Oscars. Good for them. Good for us. But slumdog is nowhere near Rahman's best work!

As for the movie, Slumdog is *not* an Indian movie and I certainly don't understand why the movie is being celebrated so much by us. There are much better movies being made in India.

"A profound sense of humility and spirit incarnated in his music has lifted millions from the oblivion of sorrow to the summit of hope, love and possibilities."
>> ???

I would rather have enjoyed a Lagaan or a Taare zameen par winning an Oscar.

PS: I hope you are aware that an Indian movie (Hindi/Bhojpuri) has won an Oscar this time? (smile pinki for best documentary short subject)

Manjunath Singe said...

Good to hear you after a long time d00d..

1. True, very true, Rahman's slumdog work is no where near his best, but he has got the well deserved award for his lifetime work.

2. I know about smile pinky. actually, i watched the whole award ceremony... Sorry, i didn't mention about it.... :)

3. "A profound sense of humility and spirit incarnated in his music has lifted millions from the oblivion of sorrow to the summit of hope, love and possibilities."
I wrote that considering Rahman's music career and his contributions...

Unknown said...

Hi Manjunath,

I am following up on the Bangalore Indiblogger meet this Saturday at Microsoft campus http://www.indiblogger.in/bloggermeet.php?id=26. It is at tomorrow 3:30 PM. Just a gentle reminder. Looking forward to meeting with you there.

anwin at indiblogger dot in

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