From 'Womb to Tomb', influence of terrorism is pervasive

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lot has been written and said about Mumbai massacre, media and online social networking community produced voluminous literature on every bit of that horrendous crime. "India has learned that not all terrorism stems from Pakistan: the country has faced attacks from Indian Islamists, Hindutva groups and ethnic-chauvinist organisations in the north-eastern States. Each form of hate has fed and legitimised the other. But this circle of hate has been driven, too, by organisations based in Pakistan, jehadist groups that have demonstrated that they, while being friends of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, are enemies of the people of Pakistan [Frontline]." Read more here. Wherever the terror originate, it has become conspicuous now that 'subconscious fear' has been created in the minds of ordinary people. At every stage of our life, from 'Womb to Tomb', terrorists/fundamentalists have made their presense felt. The fear of grave consequences of terrorism is now transforming into public anger fighting against government's apathy.

On 26th November, all political parties looked like they are united in the fight against terrorism, but "the message of unity that was sent out in the immediate aftermath of the attacks was lost in less than 24 hours". Probably opposition felt it's too risky to support ruling UPA government, in it's actions against terrorist, ahead of Delhi and Rajasthan assembly elections. The blame game began, not just in the speeches of politicians but Newspapers too carried advertises echoing slogans against government to woo voters in Delhi. This blame game incinerated public anger and just after our bravehearts fired final bullets in the battlefield, the angry citizen's voice was reverberated in every corner of India.

There is absolutely no doubt that despite intelligence inputs, government failed to act, but why do we always feel so proud to attack the politicians and blame the government for it's inaction?
"Why should we keep finding fault with only the politicians? Isn't there something wrong with us, the common populace? Aren't we to be equally blamed for the mess? How is it that we find scapegoats in politicians, security forces, and all others except ourselves? What is it that we have done to keep the country safe? Has our behaviour been conducive to the security forces' fight? Shouldn't we do something about it? Why should we keep on blaming the politicians, instead of just booting the opportunistic lot of them out of power by the power of ballot? Have all those who have been crowing about bad politicians, ever voted? Did they exercise their franchise? Isn't casting a vote the duty of the common man? If you have not liked a politician or political party, did you cast your vote against them? If you have found that no political party is worth your vote, did you take care to ensure that your vote is not cast to anybody by going to the polling booth and not voting for anybody? [Indian Current Affairs blog]."
Protesting and showing disapproval for government's action/inaction is our democratic right but just doing that doesn't help niether to the nation nor to ourself. Ask not whether the system is going to change, ask whether you can change. So what is that we can do? We just need to answer the above questions and act, otherwise we don't need to be vociferous.


Anonymous said...

I seem to be having a slightly different opinion. On the one hand you talk about the failure of the government to act on time and you accept it too! but on the other hand you say why only politicians are to be blamed? in what context you made that statement and are you trying to say even a layman has to be blamed for this along with our respected "Statesmans". Sorry but i dont seem to be agreeing with your viewpoint because it is the politicians who are responsible for evrything you know what i mean Vote bank, nepotism, favouritism and many things. dirty politics is reponsible for the birth of all these terrorist organisatiopns who just to catch the votes would go to any extent to divide the society and also diffrent relegious organisations related to a particular political party is also responsible largely for all this. It may be RSS, Hindu Mahasabha, SIMI or anything. as far as the point that you mentioned in the last paragrapgh should be seen in the socio economic poltical situations of a particular place and also it differs from one person to other.

Manjunath Singe said...

great if you could reveal yourself :)

1. Yes, government and other institutions failed to act, but i am not accepting that. If you look at the socio-political issues in a broader perspective, people as whole are responsible in some way or the other, take for example, electing right leaders.

2. They realize that they have democratic rights only when they are affected, we should collectively exercise our democratic duties responsibly, that may be while casting votes or even after that. elected govt is responsible to the very citizen. Individuals simply cannot do much about misconduct of govt, but "COLLECTIVELY" we can. My argument is not just in the context of mumbai blast, but in a larger socio economical and political system that we living in...

Anonymous said...

Firstly you said great if i could reveal myself. you dont worry about it i am your well wisher and also a friend of yours and needless to say an Indian and also a kannadiga ok now get to the point, I appreciate you talking about acting collectively. the first point you have made above is a statement saying "There is absolutely no doubt that despite intelligence inputs, government failed to act" and if you look at it from a broader socio political issues yes people not electin the right leaders is just a one aspect but have you ever wondered why they fail to do so? this question leads to different factors or the causes or the reasons or whatever you want to call and it is interlinked with several aspects socio-economic-political sphere life highly influences this. just question leads to many other. This reminds of the quote of robert frost "two roads diverged in a wood and i took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference" we have serious lack of personalities like this. most of us take the same route. and as far as your second point is concerned you said individuals simply cannot do much about misconduct of govt. well i think he can by influencing people around him.

This is just what i feel it may not be correct and thanks for writng on this.

Manjunath Singe said...

Praveen (still couldn't figure out which praveen is this :P ),
Thanks for passing your thoughts..

I completely agree with you that electing the right people is just one aspect, i had to say that in the above context. As you pointed out rightly, there are several complex issues interlinked and they need a thorough understanding of the system before we start rejecting/blaming the same. Not many seems to be taking the pain to understand the system and thats the reason we often see severe criticism on action/inaction of govt.
I just want to point out here that, there are many who still doubt the fact that, "we have to be in the system to change it."

Unknown said...

I really agree to the last 2 paragraphs of the blog. There are enough blaming, now it is to be turned into action. And the best possible action is through election. And We are also part of the SYSTEM that we blame upon always!! It is our attitude our nation determines what our nation will be.

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