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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Looking at a child on street, how many of you have thought, "I wish he was in school, I wish I could help him"? Some of you might have even contemplated, "I really want to help him to whatever extent I can, but that is not even a tip of the iceberg. Whatever I do is so insignificant that, it doesn't even inspire him to struggle for his own education." Well, most of the time, we might not be able to 'change the lives around' alone. But if we can join hands for a noble cause, who knows, miracle can happen in someone's life.

Imagine, what if we bring 300 less fortunate children together and train them for a day? What if we teach them how to study, inspire them to have a dream, throw light on skills required to realize those dreams? What if we train them to earn their daily bread? If at least 3 out of 300 children are able to make it big in their life, is it not a fantastic effort? I guess it is. If you think such an effort to train those less fortunate children is worth, please come forward to realize this idea.

Buoyancee is organizing such training camp on coming November 14th (Children's day) under "Build India" banner. This training focus on following aspects which are vital for many children.
  • Course on 'Importance of Studying', 'Confidence building', 'Etiquette', etc..
  • Life skills training through activities for better Emotional Health.
  • Teaching in house activities like 'Candle making' to the children so that they can be self reliant.
This day long training also includes a stage performance at the end by participants. Children will be provided with lunch, snack and course materials. The cost per child will work out to Rs. 150/- per child. Buoyancee's plan is to reach minimum of 300 children.

I am sure, you won't give a second thought to spend 150 rupees which can actually "change the lives around". And yes, your contributions may be 'insignificant' for a greater cause, but its very important that you do it. Collective effort can definitely make a difference. You can contact Buoyancee (follow this link) for your contributions or you may contact me, I am just an email away.

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