Text of India-IAEA Safeguards Agreement 'leaked' before its made public in India!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dear Mr. Prakash Karat,
You don't need government to make the text of India-IAEA Safeguards public. You can get the complete text on a website run by "non-proliferation ayatollahs." Click here to get the complete text of India-IAEA Safeguards Agreement. (Document link via Sidharth Varadarajan's blog, Prakash Karat desperately wanted the India-IAEA Safeguards to be made public. See the reports here, and here).

Sagarika Ghose's comments doesn't really surprize me. Its high time that the Left should look at Right (things) in the interests of the nation!
A letter to the Left
Lal Salaam Comrades!
Your tenure in government seems to have ended. How different things were four years ago! Four years ago you were faced with a unique opportunity. The "communal" BJP-led NDA had suffered a surprising electoral defeat. The "secular" UPA was to take over the reins of government. In a hung house, you with your 60 MPs formed the crucial outside support to the government. At that time you smiled broadly with your hands held aloft with other leaders of the UPA. You delivered sharp soundbites on the Common Minimum Programme, on the basis of which you gave your support. With your best ever electoral performance, it seemed as if the Communists had finally arrived on India's national stage.

Today, four years later, where are you? The Congress government is getting ready to survive its remaining few months in power without you. Prakash Karat's dream of the "non Congress" "non BJP" Third Front lies in tatters.... Read more on Sagarika's blog.

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