Makkala Mane: You can be a part of their success story

Monday, July 28, 2008

It's an absolute pleasure to inform you that some of my friends and I were able to gather funds for the education of 5 girl children of Makkala Mane. My sincere thanks to all of them [Names not mentioned for privacy] who contributed for the noble cause. [Click Here for earlier post].

Well, that is definitely not an end. It's just a humble beginning. I have realized one thing, there is really NO dearth of people who "actually" want to help. But generous people, sometimes, don't know where to direct their funds and NGOs and Voluntary organizations like Makkala Mane, sometimes, find it difficult to spot the generous people. There is a gap. There is a lack of "human network". Who is going to fill that gap between generosity and beneficiaries like children in Makkala Mane? Why are we lacking so much in connecting right people to the right destination?

Who is going to bridge that gap? Answer is very simple. It's you and me, we all can do that! Makkala Mane is dependent on Donations/Contributions from Public/Well wishers and Charitable institutions to meet its growing expenditure. Lets find the right people so that their generous help can be directed towards right places like Makkala Mane. The children in Makkala Mane need some help again. Lets "Do Something". Lets be a part of their success.

I am 'copying' the e-mail sent by Uday Kumar, Executive Director, Makkla Mane. Hope you can make a little difference. Thanks in advance!

Note: Following cost/child estimate is based on the quotations received from the concerned dealers.
MM []     Sun, Jul 27, 2008 at 12:46 PM
To: [Addresses delete]
Dear Friends,

Herewith we are attaching the request for sponsorship for the children of Makkala Mane pertaining to Uniforms and educational Materials for the year 2008-09.
The details are in the above said letter in the attachment.
Kindly look into the matter and do the needful.

With Regards
Yours Sincerely

S.B.Uday Kumar
Executive Director

Here are the images of attached letter. [Makkala Mane blog]


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