Mr. Global Warming dude! What the heck?

Friday, June 27, 2008

After the first three articles of "Man Vs Mother Earth: Who has betrayed whom?" series, some of my friends started calling me 'Mr. Global Warming'. I was quite annoyed, but at the same time i felt quite happy about spreading some 'more' awareness about the issue. One of my friend who also happen to be a serious follower of global warming literature said, "Mr. Global Warming dude, this whole sh*t about global warming is a myth, its a natural phenomena, human contribution to global warming is 0.000..lots of zeros...001%, negligible, If we invest heavily on preventing/mitigating global warming, then we may have to face some serious economic depression, something like what United States saw in 1930s..." Some similar thoughts are shared by another friend who commented on third article. Well, there are others who strongly believe that unethical anthropogenic activities are major culprit for global warming and also believe that spreading awareness and investing heavily on preventing/mitigating global warming is MUST.

If you want to know whether the debate over global warming is useful or useless, I strongly suggest you to see this video at least once. A high school science teacher has put forward a very interesting argument on Global Warming.

I have drawn this diagram to give you a quick overview of the argument.

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