His actions reflect his words: Nishad's Tryst with Bicycle

Friday, June 13, 2008

Once in a while me and Nishad do find some reasons to meet and we do talk some serious things 'also'. His tryst with bicycle is kinda kick-ass experience. Recently he forwarded an email and it's subject looked quite unusual, "Happy Birthday my bicycle !!" And to my surprise, he had brought sweets for his colleagues on that day. I am not sure if he had done that on his b'day, i don't think he has. Here is the text of his interesting email.

Hello All,
Exactly 1 year ago, I had decided to buy a bicycle. Today, I have completed 1 year of commutation to office on a bicycle. Here are some interesting facts and figures I've gathered. By opting for a bicycle instead of a motorcycle,
  • I have saved an EMI of Rs 4000 for a motorcycle. i.e. for 12 months. I have saved 48000 Rs.
  • I have traveled at least 5000 kms on my bicycle. So I've saved at least 93 litres of petrol and 5000 Rs (Assuming an average of 55Kmpl and petrol 54 Rs/litre).
  • I have stopped arguing to auto rickshaw drivers as I have my own transport which I think is faster than an auto rickshaw. Money saved on Auto = Approx 2000 Rs.
  • I have saved the emission of 0.671 tonnes of CO2 which would have been emitted by my motorcycle in 1 year. http://www.carbonfootprint.com. On my advice, at least 7 people have started commuting to office on a bicycle.
  • I have lost at least 8 Kgs of weight, gained strength, stamina, and endurance.
Apart from the benefits to my health and the environment, an investment of 6000 Rs has saved me at least 50,000 Rs in a single year.
Like last year, Sweets in my cubicle !!!

Thanks and Regards,
Nishad N Bhatawadekar
[address and blah blah....]

Nishad dude,
I must tell you that, After knowing your tryst with bicycle, I have stopped using my bike to go to 'Manyta Office' (since February 2008), I use office transport. Some times, when i have time, I do walk to EGL office instead of taking my 'sooooooper' bike. Your interests in environment was partly responsible for my serious reading about environment and climate crisis, and I have started writing about that in my blog. Find it here and here. Not sure if I can use bicycle, but i will try my best to reduce 'my carbon contribution' to the environment. Sounds cool? Well, that actually is! :)

Are you ready to follow the suit?


Anonymous said...

The last two reasons for a bicycle must be the first two. I don't think money is the issue here.

Nishad Bhatawadekar said...

Thanks Manju for the blog !!!
Hope that people start looking at the issue a bit more seriously, else our kids will have no choice but bicycles :D

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