Be the change you want to see - Bhatya's Experience

Sunday, May 18, 2008

It was a Friday evening but his mind was still engulfed with work. Bhatya knew that the week long working life has just come to an end. Still, the honking sound on roads, already polluted evening breeze and busy foot path were just adding to his already agitated mood. He was trying hard to relax but all most all the problems in office were hitting his mind in no time. Mind was completely busy sorting out things. He just wanted to go straight to some "most happening" place, and of course, few cosmopolitan areas in Bangalore suddenly came to his mind. The Forum mall was quite near and he decided to go there. He changed his route and headed towards Forum along with his best friend, the bicycle. Every ride on his bicycle was like a dream come true, literally! (and yeah, he bought the bicycle instead of 'super' bikes just to save environment from pollution!). When he almost reached the place, sun was just hiding behind couple of large buildings and huge number of Aphrodites were just giving life to the forum mall. Life at Forum just started you know.

Bhatya parked his best friend, the bicycle. When he came out of the parking lot he saw that an elderly man, mostly in his seventies, was lying on the foot path. He thought the old man was drunk. But when he was passing by the old man, there was no smell of alcohol. He took a closer look at the man and heard a low indistinct murmuring sound from his mouth. "Thank god! he is still breathing", he said to himself and started his 'pointless wandering' in the forum. His mind was still agitated, he just wanted to relax in the forum. As soon as he stepped into the Forum, the guilty feeling of not helping the old man started itching his mind. His mood was no better. His conscious ethical mind argued, "I can't believe you are such a heartless mortal, you should have helped him. Never forget this day, when you are of his age, who knows, you may face the same situation. Its not too late my friend, do something, help him reach his home." It was like a tight slap for Bhatya, but his other mind started consoling him, "Dude, this is the harsh reality of life. You can save him today, but what about thousands of others who are surviving on the foot path? Life has to go on, you are here to have some fun... there are people like police, NGOs and Old age homes to take care of the old man", Bhatya got some energy and managed to reach first floor of the Forum but his mind was still disturbed with the guilty feeling. His conscious mind pinched him again, "You want the system to be changed, but why can't you first change yourself? You be the change you want to see..." Bhatya's both minds spend some time to counter argue each other and he finally decided to go back and help the old man lying on the footpath.

He reached the old man and tried asking about his name and home phone number. Bhatya soon realized that he has to get some one who knows Kannada. He looked around for some one and by that time, couple of people also came in to help Bhatya, luckily one of them knew Kannada. the old man was still not conscious. Bhatya decided to inform police and get their help as soon as possible. He then rushed to police station near the forum mall and told the police about the old man. They refused to come immediately as the role call (attendance) was going on in the police station. Police promised Bhatya that some one would come there as soon as the role call gets over. By the time Bhatya came back, the old man had regained his consciousness and had told people there that his name was Rajaram..... and he was a resident of Koramangala. Lot of people started coming towards the spot and of course more helping hands. Some one offered water and some thing to eat and as a result, the old man gained some confidence to sit and speak. After some time, police came and enquired about the situation. Bhatya and other people there requested police to help the old man reach his home. Interestingly police agreed and took the old man in their Jeep. Bhatya finally breathed a sigh of relief. By the time Bhatya reached home, he was on cloud number nine! His mind was completely out of all the problems in the world and he felt extremely proud of himself and decided that, no matter what, he is going to help the needy whenever he gets the chance.

Ask not whether the system is going to change, ask whether "you" can change.

PS: This real story is based on Nishad's (Bhatya) experience.

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