She found the purpose, means just followed

Monday, April 28, 2008

Building a theatre auditorium during the time when multiplexes are growing like mushrooms is definitely not a joke and starting this venture with no money in hand sounds absurd, but for Arundhati Nag, it was a visionary purpose full of possibilities. She had a clearly defined purpose in mind but didn't even had an abstract idea of how the means would reach her. Well, her thought itself was so powerful that, "the entire universe seemed conspiring to help" her build Ranga Shankara. The journey of Ranga Shankara is truly inspiring to any budding artist. The vision of having theatre auditorium like Ranga Shankara may be from the legendary actor-director, late Shankar Nag, "partly as a tribute to his extraordinary talent and drive, and partly as a realisation of a dream that was his too - the dream to have a theatre space of one's own[...]", but for Arindhati Nag, the journey of realizing that vision was a nightmare. Today, Ranga Shankara is celebrating the reality of Shankar Nag's Vision. The lesson I learned (again) from the journey of Ranga Sahnakra was, `Find the purpose; the means will follow'

I had been procrastinating the visit to Ranga Shankara since last 2 and half years, but finally made it yesterday. I had seen many dramas in and around my native, but Ranga Shankara was a rich experience. I had never seen such a theatrical atmosphere before and was truly astonished by the arrangements in Ranga Shankara, especially the lighting, I just loved it. "The stage and the auditorium arrange the acoustics in a way that artificial amplification becomes unnecessary." Unlike many other theatres Ranga Shankara has free seating, "wherever you sit in Ranga Shankara, your experience of the performance remains intimate and immediate[...]" The stage floor has a revolving stage and a trapdoor, facilities that very few auditoria in this country possess. The front row has wheelchair access built into it, and a few rows have been wired for headphones, should the need for a translation facility arise. The building features an art gallery, a bookshop and a cafe - all with a view to ensuring that Ranga Shankara functions not merely as a theatre auditorium but becomes a vibrant cultural hub over a period of time[source].

I was pleased to read this on Ranga Shankara's website, "Ranga Shankara is a space dedicated to theatre and we do not rent out the auditorium for anything other than theatre performances. All bookings must be for shows open to the public. We do not allow bookings for private shows", more over the tickets are affordable to anyone, just Rs. 49/- (plus Rs. 50/- tax slab, so making it not so bad figure of 100 bucks).

Some more trivia about Ranga Shankar can be found here, here and here. An article in The Hindu, Dream of a theatre.

You can read more about Arundhati Nag, here.

PS: I must thank Priya and Thykooooooot (Vinay Roy) for taking me to Ranga Shankara, hope you do that more often in the future :)


Anonymous said...
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Nishad Bhatawadekar said...

I had been to Ranga shankara last year, not for a drama, but to eat Mangoes [:D] The Cafeteria had a huge dump of Mangoes. The entry fee was
"1 Kg of Mangoes" you dump your 1 Kg into the heap and select any mango from it, and then, eat eat eat. [:D] I ate at least 5 mangoes and went home :-)

Anonymous said...

dude! you forgot to mention about the biriyani adventure that ensued the show :P

Manjunath Singe said...

Yeah! hyderabadi biryani was simply delicious. i guess it can't get better than that (guys and ma'ams, you can taste it in Hyderabadi house near forum):)

Anonymous said...

What a nice review! Maybe I will have a chance to visit sometime soon :)

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