Mr. Prime Minister, Take your statement back or go home

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am shocked to read this statement by our prime minister today. It basically mean that, as rightly put it by Ravikiran Rao, "Increasing income disparity is just the right approach to controlling inflation." PM wants to curb inflation even at the cost of "equality", one of the fundamental right enshrined in our constitution. PM's idea of cutting salaries at lower level and increasing it at higher level can help him curb the inflation,

First, the consumption basket of the rich is different. The likes of Anil and Mukesh Ambani do not compete with the poor people as much as people like me do for their consumption basket. Second, super-rich people save more than merely rich people, putting downward pressure on prices.[Ravikiran Rao]

You can imagine the fate of common man if our govt implement this irrational idea.

Mr. Prime Minister and his team vociferously speak about Aam Admi (the common man), but in reality it seems like they don't keep Aam Admi's interest in mind while making some crucial decisions like this. "Dr Manmohan Singh has done immense harm to India’s future. The evil that he has done will live long after him. The good was interr’d with P V Narasimha Rao’s bones. Corporate India would do well to ignore the shameless moral poseur. Yes, it’s late in the day for this government. But Dr Singh should go."[Acorn]

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