Changing the lives around

Monday, March 17, 2008

This should have been my first post, nevertheless, i guess it's not too late. I mostly blog on this concept, "Changing the lives around". If you are wondering what that is, here is what i want it to mean....

'Changing the lives around' is not feeding the gluttony, but the needy. Its not about making millionaire a billionaire, its about empowering the impoverished. Its not about sending the post graduate to Oxford, its about showing the light of literacy to the illiterate. Its not about building five start hotels, its about building shelter to the homeless. And the list goes on...

If that explanation doesn't sound conspicuous, here is the detailed and straight forward meaning of "Changing the lives around".

1. An improvement in living standards and access to all basic needs such that a person has enough food, water, shelter, clothing, health, education etc.

2. A stable political, social and economic environment, with associated political social and economic freedoms, such as equitable ownership of land and property.

3. The ability to make free and informed choices that are not coerced.

4. Be able to participate in a democratic environment with the ability to have a say in one's own future. [Excerpted from Kurukshetra, December 2007].

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Anonymous said...

Insha Allah !!
May all your dreams come true..!!

JAI HO !!!

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