They killed him on this day, but not his ideas

Sunday, March 23, 2008

"....Very soon the final battle will begin. Its outcome will be decisive. We took part in the struggle and we are proud of having done so...." His vision of seeing freedom a reality did come true, but he was not around to see that. Even today, his very name gives a lightening effect in the hearts of millions! 23rd March, 1931 was the day when an inspiring revolutionary became Shaheed, but his ideas keep inspiring the millions.

Dear friends, join me in a well deserved salute to the legend, Shaheed Bhagat Singh.

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Unknown said...

Who killed him? they means?
Don't be shocked by this question of mine.. I would say we Indians let him die..
I'm much impressed by him not by Gandhi.. I salute this legend..

Pity part of India and Indian history is that we have been made aware of things which Government want to.. Not to which we have to!!

Why I am not seeing any holiday on this day(23rd march)? Why don't I see his pictures on any coins or notes? For whom did he fight? Even Tilak, I feel pity for him.. whenever it's 2nd Oct it has been celebrated as Gandhi jayanti n I see a small photo of Tilak hanging at some corner... Do we remember him? Do we celebrate his b'day?

Anonymous said...

u r right

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