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Monday, December 10, 2007

Few of my friends who have subscribed to my blog asked me if I have stopped blogging altogether! I told them I was on fire (in office). Yes, actually I was. For the first time in my life I could spend 48 hours with just 3+ hrs of sleep. After all the circus, when I got into the bed, I suddenly felt, shit! What did I achieve by doing so much? I took some time to convince myself that, Yeah, some times shit happens! I truly realized what it means to be on fire. I think I have discovered myself a bit more.

It gives an immense pleasure when we just finish what we wanted to. At that point of time we are completely engulfed in oblivion. When I put myself in between that point of oblivion and the point of normalcy, I find an unbelievable agony of the reality. Because, that is the only point where you can ask yourself, “What did I achieve by doing that?” Did it help your loved one feel better? Did it actually change some one’s life? Before doing something, I have a (bad?) habit of thinking about such questions. Probably I am one among those few who believe that the ‘Just Do it!’ thing sux! The moment I feel I know something, it doesn’t take much time to realize that I know nothing about it. The moment I feel, Yes! I actually solved someone's problem; it doesn’t take much time to realize that there are hundreds who are still facing the same problem! The moment I make some one smile, it doesn’t take much time to realize that there are thousand faces without smile. I am finding myself in no man's land. I am confused. The world I perceive is drastically simplified model of the real world. Can some one tell me why are you doing what you are doing?


S Santosh Kumar said...

I was just having similar talk with my friend (Raghu) just now that life as we live is insignificant so whatever we do will be insignificant.

The conclusion of our little chat is that even though our life is insignificant that doesn't mean we have to live a life of insignificance.

To get out of boredom by doing something insignificant; why not do something that you you wanted to do most. Just live the life like you want.

I am not sure if it answered to your question but I think this might give you a hint. Enjoy ;)

S Santosh Kumar said...

Just so you dont keep scratching you head wondering who the bugger wrote the above comments.

The blabber blog was by old test blog which I thrown it way as it wasn't suited for me.


Manjunath Singe said...

Santa d00d...
you are right.. After writing that blog article, i have started realizing that, Big things come in small packages!

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