Left Should Look Right!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

India has already tasted political uncertainty and mid term polls in the past; for example, 1991 and 1999 general elections. In 1991, Congress played a key role to throw Janata Dal govt out of power. Again in 1999, Congress succeeded in winning "No Confidance Motion" but failed to come to power. In both the times, Congress was responsible for mid term polls. Ironically this time, it is congress who is facing the problem! This time it is "Left" who has the capacity to throw Congress out of power!

But why? Is it because Left's pro-China stance or anit-American stance? Left leader D.Raja [In a Discussion, "The Bigt Fight", NDTV] has openly said that its the anti-American factor that is influencing Left to pull out the support to UPA govt. Some political pundits feel that Left is following a pro-China policy by opposing Nuclear deal and Malabar 2007 Naval Exercise also. Why Left did not oppose Malabar 2005 joint naval exercise in such a capacity as we are seeing in 2007? When Raksha Mantri Shri Pranab Mukharjee visited US from 27-30 June 2005, A new Freamework for Indo-US defense Relations was agreed. This agreement laid the framework for Indo-US defence relations for next 10 years. Left was fully aware of these facts, yet there was no opposition. More over India and US held many meetings to discuss Defence policies, for example, Seventh meeting of India-US Defence Policy group (DPG) was held in Washington DC on 21-23 November 2005, Defence Procurement and Production Group held its first meeting in Washington DC on 21 November 2005 and again in March 2006. Again, left was fully aware of all these facts, yet there was no opposition. When our Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh visited US in July 2005 and when President Bush visited India in March 2006, the two leaders signed major agreements related to Civilian Nuclear Energy Cooperation. Left was fully aware these facts, yet there was no opposition! Why suddenly left is making so much of noise in political arena? Its the time for left to look at right things in the National interests.

More over BJP has been creating a unhealthy environment in the parliament by adjournment motions in the house on every other day. It is worth noting that it was in BJP lead NDA government's time that the idea of "Civilian nuclear deal with US" was floated. BJP did not take it forward because of the apprehension that it may become an election issue in 2004! Now, ironically when Congress lead UPA has put all its efforts to see that dream a reality, its BJP which is opposing the the deal that too with the conflicting reason that the deal affects "National Security" and "Influences our foreign policy"!

Already media is speculating about mid term polls in the country. The nuclear deal is no longer a problem for Congress to fight elections. Because, most of the Indians especially in rural area do not even understand the deal! Congress has already excelled with its innovative policies like Right to Information, National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS), most importantly Rajinder Sachar Committee's report on the status of Muslims. The next general election, whenever it is held, will be fought on "Bread and Butter" issues, no matter what happens to the nuclear deal!

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