Dr. Devi Shetty - The King of Hearts

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Life can be celebrated to the fullest only when we have enough happiness packed in our heart. We come to this planet without even knowing that god has sent us here with tremendous love and affection packed in our mother's heart. "The joy and celebration of our parents had no bounds when we came here to start our journey[...], they were on top of the world!" Not all of us are lucky enough to come here without any disabilities. There are people who have come to this planet without an ability to see, to hear, to speak, to walk, and there are few who have started this journey of life with a hole in their heart. As soon as they started turning blue in color [because of hole in the heart], their parents "were devastated and could not understand why they were being punished in this way. They had no choice but to accept the inevitable reality and decided to give the best possible medical care." One can imagine the face of a mother who hand over a 10 day old child to the operation theatre nurse. She must have thought that she is is handing over the most precious gift of god. There comes a heart surgeon who completes the love triangle between the father and mother with the blue baby at the centre![....] Dr. Devi Shetty, well known for forming thousands of such love triangles and saving thousands of blue babies and children with heart disease.

What if parents cannot afford the surgery to their blue baby? Who is going to save their precious gift of god? Unfortunately, "Money" is the answer, but for some people, Dr. Devi Shetty is the only answer. India produces largest number of children in the world and obviously it produces largest no of children with heart diseases. The whole of US produces twenty two thousand children with heart disease where as India produces three hundred thousand children with heart disease! India requires 2.5 million heart surgeries a year but India does only 60,000 heart surgeries a year.

Madayya, a little boy from a village in Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka was carrying a hole in his heart for five years! His father begged the doctors in a government hospital to save his son but insufficient infrastructure in government hospital brought him down. Though Bangalore is just 185km from Chamarajanagar, for Madayya's father, it is world away. But it did not stop him from speaking to a savior. He spoke to Dr. Devi Shetty through Telemedicine center set up by Dr. Shetty in the nearest government hospital. Dr. Shetty's team took personal interest to rescue the child and Madayya was immediately brought to Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore, Dr. Shetty's "temple" to save heart patients. Madayya was treated free of cost and today he is celebrating his life just like you and me![Click here for complete story] Helping the poor with compassion is the biggest thing for Dr. Devi Shetty. He believe that if a solution is not affordable, then it is not a solution. He has a vision of providing every Indian child with a same medical care as to a child in America!

Dr. Shetty says, “If I am given a choice I would like to treat only poor patients. But unfortunately the economic reality does not allow me to do that." He is the man who charged the rich more and served the poor free of cost. "Technology gives the rich what they already have but it gives the poor what they can never dream of having. Poor people in isolation are weak but together they are very strong." This simple thought gave birth to the novel idea, "Yeshasvini Micro Health Insurance", a joint venture between ISRO, Narayana Hrudayalaya and Karnataka State Co-operation Dept. In the first 20 months of 'Yeshasvini', 85,000 farmers had free medical treatment, 22,000 farmers had free surgeries, 1400 farmers had heart surgeries; all for just five rupees per month!!! Dr. Shetty also founded "Arogya Raksha Yojana", a joint venture of Narayana Hrudayalaya, Biocon and ICICI to provide free OPD consultation, cashless surgical facility, diagnostics at discounted rates.

Dr. Devi Shetty has not only envisioned the health care system in India, he has also set up the world class state of the art health care facilities at Narayana health city. The health city also houses a center for neurosciences, a children's hospital, a cancer research centre and general hospital. Patient inflow to Narayana health city is not only from within India, but also from neighboring countries like Pakistan, Bangaldesh. He has a rare distinction of treating Mother Teresa. He has won many awards and recognitions but what makes him really great is, his "Compassionate character." In my opinion Mother Teresa was the first person who identified this character when she said (to Dr. Shetty), "Now I know why you are here. To relieve the agony of children with heart disease, God sent you to this world to fix it."

Dear Friends, today, 30th September 2007, is "The World Heart Day", Lets celebrate the success of Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty - The King of Hearts.

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Harish said...

too good an article....

Unknown said...

appreciate it man.. chennagi bardideeya.. nange aa Video nodida mele Dr mele eshtu abhimaana banthu gotta.. he is too great kano...

keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia "Yashasvini is possibly the world's cheapest comprehensive health insurance scheme, at Rs.5 (11 cents) per month, designed by Shetty and the Government of Karnataka for the poor farmers of the state. It is very well-utilized in Karnataka with millions of members."

Amazing what one motivated human being can do. Power of the human mind!

Nishad Bhatawadekar said...

Very nice blog. Nice to see that people like you keep track of such good things !
Keep it up !

Manjunath Singe said...

Thank you all! Keep checking this space, you can expect more.. :)

Anonymous said...

wat a social worker..hats off 2 such ppl

M D purushotham said...

My 3 day baby turning into blue color,doctor said that he has got a hole in a heart,what to do We are confused,if anyone guided us we are very great ful to them,please post your comments to my mail id purushotham.mdp@gmail.com or please call me on 09777457144

Anonymous said...

amazing work............ thank u for survive the babes life

Anonymous said...

Very nice and amazing blog.

Anonymous said...

Respectes Sir/
I am an admirer of you. A merry heart maketh a cheerful contenance..To handle yourself,use your head,to handle others,use your heart.Where your treasure is there will your Heart be also
A very happy and prosperous "New Year" to you and your family.
W/F/Dr.Rameshchandrababu-Cardiac Surgeon.

Anonymous said...

Our earth and the and the mankind is still alive becauase few such people. Hats-Off to Devishetty sir and his team to take care of the valuable lives.

naresh gupta said...

Sir.what is your opinion about efficacy of generic medicines.Are all brands manufactured by any company is equally effective or you will suggest some cost-effective brands or companies. it will be nice of you if you can send the reply to guptanareshkmc@yahoo.com thank you

naresh gupta said...

Sir can a hospital sustain and survive financially if it is dependent upon patients insured under yashasvini or similar schemes. Can you justify with financial and patient data. if the hospital can provide healthcare at this cost then heath will be within reach of those who cannot dream of it.
please send me the reply at guptanareshkmc@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

i appreciate you Dear Dr Shettey , you are really doing some wonderful things i have heard about you quiet long time back when i was in school my father did told me about you. i still remember that line that my father quoted to me in England they people used to call you Operation Machine you are really doing some Incredible job. GOD bless you Doc . My prayers are always with you. LOve you

anil said...

Dear Sir ,

Iam Anil from hyderabad .. One of my friends neice is suffering from heart problem by birth . She is 20 months old .One surgery has performed in INNOVA HOSPITAL tarnaka hyderabad. There had spend all the money there have earned . Now doctors are planning for a second surgery in few months.There are unafforable .Please guide me so that i cant hepl a child to reach til you . Please helP me a saving the small kid .

Thanking YOU

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